Bradz What?


A Bradz Stompbox model

Bradz Stompbox is a brand of handcrafted stompboxes. Items can be pre-built or built to order.

About Me


Do you really want to know who am I?

Ok... I am a novice:

  • Musician
  • Song Writer
  • ICT specialist
  • everything I convince myself I am when I wake up...
More info about me on my website.

I like to make musical instruments as cigar box guitars and stompboxes.
I also work with pyrography.

What I want to do with this project is to make economic and handcraft instruments for musicians, with graphical customization.
Have a good surfing and good music :)

To remember

These are handcraft works. This may be not perfect. If you are sure you can do it better, do it by yourself :)

If you are satisfied about my work, tell it to your friends.
If you are not satisfied tell it to me.

Get it!

You can buy standard object on ebay (coming soon) or ask them to me by contact form.

You can ask for customized object through contact form.

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